The Beauty Of A Frock

The Frock is a beautiful thing, a Frock can transform you and how you are feeling, how you see yourself and how others see you.

To me a Frock has magical powers...

Find the right frock and it can flatter you in all the right places, enhance your beautiful curves, a colour can make you feel confident, sexy, a Frock can make you feel like a Goddess or a Princess.

This is what I love about Frocks and why I started Rock That Frock. I’ve always been a Frock Girl, I love how I feel in a frock and I want to share my love of frocks with others.

At Rock That Frock we want women to love themselves, love their curves and flaunt them for the world to see.

As a Mum my body has changed, my curves are different and there are definitely now bumps. I choose Frocks that I love and would wear myself, Frocks that suit those of us with kicking curves, boobs and bums.

For you next special occasion I would love to help you find that Frock that makes you feel amazing, and the best thing is its not going to cost you a bomb, you Rent it, Rock it and Return it.

No more Frocks filling up your closet that never see the light of day after being worn once.

Hope to help you find magic in a Frock soon.

Kate x