Life, Work & Success Made Simple

To say the last six months have been crazy... well that is definitely the understatement of the year. But I have loved every moment of my family, work life and my business Rock That Frock.

In July I took a leap and signed up to the Success Made Simple Business Course with Steph Gorton. I had been working on my business for over 6 months spending a lot of time on Instagram but not really feeling as though it was doing anything besides growing followers.

The reason I decided to sign up... Back in May I had attended a workshop run by Steph “How To Start A Side Hustle”. Was I inspired when I left? I was absolutely blown away by Steph and then she contacted me about the new business course she was running.

I knew upon meeting Steph she was someone I wanted to work with. I am a Libran - the scales - and don’t normally made quick decisions but I do know when to trust my gut! And I’m so grateful that I did.

As much as I wanted to jump on board with the Business Course straight away the timing just wasn’t right so I watched and waited. But when the next course came up again, I decided this time I wasn’t missing out and jumped on board with total enthusiasm.

As we all know life isn’t meant to be easy and after signing up to the course my life became totally chaotic. If I thought the timing wasn’t right the first time, it was probably worse this time around. My brother and sister in law along with my three beautiful nephews had moved to Perth from Port Hedland and came to stay with us whilst looking for a new home. Having two boys in the house is chaotic enough but 5 boys under 10 including an 18 month old, who was starting to explore, was crazy town... and for the most part 3 adults. Then just when we would all think we were all getting into a groove my hubby would return from work and throw a whole new spanner into the mix - 9 people living together! But we made it through and they are now happily settled in their new home.

I absolutely loved being apart of Success Made Simple. Steph Gorton is an amazing human being not only turning up for me, but for at least 10 other people as well. She also has an uncanny knack of knowing when to reach out and ask if your ok - generally because you weren’t. She kept me on track and motivated me, with a dose of tough love. Thanks to her I have learnt so much and have so much more I want to do for and within my business. So definitely watch this space. This has changed my life and my mindset.

I also met some incredible women on this journey too, and each of them are a total Inspiration to me, working hard to build their own businesses but at the same time supporting and encouraging each other alots while juggling their own issue and families. I can’t wait to watch what they all do in their businesses and can only hope I offer the same amount of support and inspiration.

During this crazy time I had two amazing women to thank for helping me to show up and be present in my business every day, be apart and present in the business course, and also work part-time. My gorgeous sister in law who always made sure the kids and I had clean clothes and a yummy meal at the end of the day and my amazing mum... without this wonderful human I wouldn’t be able to do this at all. She’s always there to help with the kids, and is also my best friend who I can talk (and vent) to. She encourages and supports me wholeheartedly. I can’t thank you both enough.

So we made it through and am looking ahead to what the next six months, one year has in store for myself, my family and my designer dress hire business.

Because after the last six months I now know I can conquer anything!!!