Why I Started Rock That Frock

It all started with a Wedding and two questions… Now what do I do with this gorgeous Frock and what am I going to do with myself and my work life?

The Idea for Rock That Frock came to me when deciding what to do with my beautiful wedding dress and also trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my work/life.

This was my second marriage, the first time around I had worn the traditional white dress (which I still own and have zero ideas about what to do with it) so this time I didn’t want to go for the traditional white dress, I choose something that was really ME – a gorgeous black lace gown. I loved wearing this dress, and loved how I felt in something that reflected me. I felt beautiful and elegant and as a Mum having my two beautiful boys be a part of my big day was just truly special.

After the wedding it was time to think about work. My baby boy had just turned one and once the preparations of the big day were finalised, I knew that for myself I needed to get back out into the workforce.

When it came to the dress, I knew I didn’t want to just part with it, i.e. sell on Ebay, much like the first one but I also didn’t want to have it sit in my cupboard and do nothing…

When it came to work, I knew I wanted to be able to be present for the boys – one being of school age - so full time wasn’t an option especially with a FIFO husband.

I started looking around to start hiring my dress when I realised that although there seemed to be a lot of dress hire options available – makes sense in this Instagram world where no one wants to be seen in the same dress twice – there wasn’t a lot of hire options for normal size women i.e. Not Size 6 – 8 and it all seemed aimed at a younger demographic i.e 18 – 25.

And so, Rock That Frock was born – the name came to me before I even really knew what Rock That Frock was going to look like. I have always loved Frocks and my vision is to cater to normal sizes, Mums, Over 30’s. I’m a Mum myself and I know I still want to look and feel great on a special night out. I wanted women to feel like I did on my wedding day, but didn’t want it to just be about a wedding, I wanted them to feel special on a girl’s night out, celebrations with friends, and other significant events.

Hiring makes being able to wear a gorgeous designer frock affordable – no more expensive dresses hanging in the cupboard that are only going to be worn once and never to be worn again because you can’t deal with parting with it as it cost you so much!

Ever looked at your wardrobe full of clothes and though I have absolutely nothing to wear? Every weekend? Yep, this was me too! But you don’t need to worry anymore, I’m here for you. I want to help women, especially Mums of all ages, size 10 and beyond, to look amazing in a beautiful frock so that you feel special, sexy, elegant and beautiful. I want you to feel good about yourself and within yourself.

So if you’re in the need for a little pick-me-up, if you’re wanting to feel absolutely fabulous & super glam on your next night out, date night or special event. I’d love to help you.

Look no further than Rock that Frock.

Lots of love
Kate x